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Tactics for listening: Basic pack A / Jack C. Richards, Grant Trew

  • Richards, Jack C. ; Trew, Grant
  • United Kingdom: Oxford University press, 2018
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Mô tả  70 p. : Picture ; 28 cm  
Chỉ số phân loại  420 23 
Số định danh  420 R3901 
Tóm tắt  Contents p. iv-v
          It is intended for students who have studied English previously but need further practice in understanding simple conversational language. There are 24 units, four of which contain completely new content for the third edition. Can be used as the main text for a listening course, as a complementary text in a conversation course, or as the basic for structured student self-study. 
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Ghi chú  Now with tactics for testing 
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